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Love my puppy

The Boruca (also known as Brunca or Brunka) are an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica. The 2,500 members of the tribe live on a reservation in the Puntarenas Province in southwestern Costa Rica, near the Pan-American Highway where it follows the Terraba river. The ancestors of the modern Boruca made up a group of chiefdoms that ruled most of Costa Rica's Pacific coast, from Quepos to what is now the Panamanian border, including the Osa Peninsula. Boruca traditionally spoke the Boruca language, which is now nearly extinct.

Like their ancestors the Boruca are known for their art and craftwork, especially weaving and their distinctive painted balsa wood masks, which have become popular decorative items among Costa Ricans and tourists.

This girl was having fun playing with her puppy while her father was teaching us how to paint those beautiful masks. She seem to really enjoy the moment.

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