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At The Shack

- Second place Photography award at the 13th Annual Arts in The Park, Highland Park, NJ. September 16, 2018

- Featured Selection - Your Daily Photograph - "At the shack" - Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica, CA. November 13, 2018

- Juried Group Show: “2018 Americana (An Exhibition Of A Nation)” at the Pennsylvania Center For Photography in Doylestown. One entry displayed from March 16 to April 8. Juror: Mark Saylor.

- Juried group Show: “Pinelands” by the Pinelands Preservation Alliance in Southampton NJ. One entry displayed from November 4 through December 10 2017 and second place award in the Communities/Architecture category. Juror: Bill Horin Founder & Creative Director, ArtC

- Raritan Photographic Society Group Show at the Gallery on Division in Sommerville, NJ. Three entries displayed from July 8 to August 27, 2018

- Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Hamilton's Lakefront Gallery, Hamilton NJ from January to March 2018.

On a very cold winter night, the skies were so clear and the Milky Way was at its best. It was worth it to spend the night waiting for this moment, without a doubt.

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