OUTER BANKS, NC -  APRIL 13 to 16, 2023

Imma and Padma are pleased to offer one of a kind seascape/night photography combination workshop focusing on abstracts, long exposures, astro photography (milkyway, star trails) and this is limited to 10-12 people to provide a more intimate experience.

What will you learn with Imma?

Imma will be leading milky way and star trails sessions at nights as the weather permits. If the weather does not hold, we have made arrangements to learn several light painting techniques including light painting portraits. Topics to learn may include understanding the night sky and the different constellations, night photography etiquette, how to capture the Milky Way, how to create star trails and how to effectively use light painting techniques. Areas covered include: scouting and planning for a night image, ways to compose and focus in low light, techniques to reduce noise when shooting at high ISOs (stacking and blending). Imma’s photography combines her scientific background, her conservationist leanings and her passion for capturing the wonders of the night sky in our light-saturated world. Her goal is to inspire others to help preserve darkness and the night environment and she has worked as an Artist in Residence for Capitol Reef, Acadia, Glacier and the Grand Canyon National Parks.

What will you learn with Padma?

Padma will be leading the long exposures and abstract image sessions where we will be totally geared towards creating fine art seascapes with various techniques including intentional camera movements (panning, zooming, dragging etc). We will also have in-depth discussions regarding many challenges of photographing the ocean. This will help towards building a strong collection of images that you can be proud of and hopefully a couple of wall hangers. Padma has found a deep connection with the ocean and the waves, and in the process, confers with her inner self to create the abstract images she has always longed for. This workshop aims to deliver that same level of inspiration, technique and appreciation for the beauty of the ocean to help take photographers to the next level.

Skill Level

This workshop is open to all with knowledge of basic photography


We will kick off the retreat on Thursday evening (April 13th) with an introductory session and a photoshoot at 5pm. Every night, we will be shooting the milky way/star trails between 1am to 4am and sunrise at 6.20am. Relax for the rest of the day until we resume at 6pm for sunset shoot. In this workshop, we will visit fishing piers, broken pilings and lighthouses. This will help towards building a strong collection of images that you can be proud of. While this workshop will be full of activity, there will also be breaks to rest, socializing with fellow participants and building friendships. Before the workshop, there will be an orientation zoom session to discuss the schedule and gear (for astrophotography, a wide angle fast lens f2.8 is recommended) 2 weeks prior. During the workshop, there will be image reviews and post processing advice. After the workshop is over, Padma and Imma will have a 2-hr processing session. Additionally, there will be a final group Zoom session to review finished images .


Early Bird Special $1,399 (before January 10) After Jan. 10 $1,699

Deposit $700 upon registration 

Balance due before Feb 28th

Maximum group size 10-12

Please email contact@imma.photo for payment info

Fees do not include lodging, food, Entrance fees, travel and transportation to workshop locations. 


JOHN YANCEY OCEANFRONT INN– Kill Devil Hills (252-242-5058) We will be staying at this location but you are welcome to stay anywhere in the vicinity.