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Rising through centuries

The Romans called the Mediterranean Sea, Mare Nostrum - "Our Sea", since their empire encircled the entire Mediterranean. A very descriptive name and not just for the Romans. It will always be Our Sea for many European nations because our life is so closely linked with and influenced by the Mediterranean.

During the Roman empire magnificent monuments were built, like this amphitheater in Tarraco, now Tarragona, the ancient capital of the Hispania Citerior Province. These ruins are now an UNESCO World Heritage site. The amphitheatre could house up to 15,000 spectators, and measured 130 by 102 metres (427 ft × 335 ft) and was built at the end of 1st century BC and the start of 2nd century BC, down from the walls and facing Our Sea

This picture was shot at the Mare Nostrum Balcony in Tarragona.

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